AlienRunner game screenshot

Alien Runner Improvements

So I’m making a game for mobile and as part of it I am adding to some of my older prototypes (yes I know FINALLY). So for the old Alien Runner project I have added in a small “Tutorial” consisting of sprite animations with text to show the player how to play. It also give the user an option (on the last “page”) to turn off the tutorial so when they play again it won’t keep popping up. It saves it in the player prefs so it remembers even when you quit the application. I also changed a bunch of things in code, like instead of adjusting the TimeScale on player death to simulate the game coming to a stop I have made it instead adjust a global GameSpeed variable in which scales all moving game objects to get the same effect. This was because adjusting the TimeScale to be 0 means that a lot of functionality/game logic won’t run and I think it’s just easier to manage this way. I also added in some improvements like making a Singleton Generic class with a Lazy Initialization method, who knew that Generic classes were so cool!?