Bootstrap web dev screenshot

Back into Web Dev!

Since I don’t have work at the moment I have split up my time 50/50 between working on games projects and getting back into Web Development. With the help of some Udemy courses I have not only refreshed my knowledge on HTML, CSS, JS but also learnt some new languages such as Jquery, Bootstrap and PHP. After the last 18 months of full time C# development it’s actually a nice change! I’m finding that it’s easier to stay focused by splitting up my time and getting some variety in my day. I’m thinking about doing some freelance web development/design as a bit of side income while I’m looking for work. After I improve my skills in the languages mentioned above I plan to learn REACT as I hear it’s quite an in demand skill, plus you can make mobile apps with it which is something I have always wanted to do.

Anyways here is a little demo site I made just to practice all these skills.