Ragnar render game 3

Guess who’s back…back again?

Guess who’s back on the market? The job market that is!

Unfortunately the company I have been working for the last 18 months has had to close down, so I am now looking for my next game development adventure. I’m looking not only here in Melbourne but all over Australia and internationally. So for the next few weeks, or however long it takes I’ll be beefing up my portfolio with games, 3D art and all the good stuff. I have already started with putting some renders up on here and on my Artstation.

The plan is (until I find work) to finish at least one of my game prototypes, at this stage the Alien Runner game and put it up on the App stores. The game for the most part is done, it’s very simple the main purpose for putting it up on the app store is to get used to the process and who knows maybe make a dollar or seven. Being the stubborn multitasker that I am, I have also been learning to use Unreal and I’m actually loving it. There are a lot of things to get used to but also a lot of benefits in using it, for example the graphics are amazing out of the box. However I am quite competent now in my ability to make things look equally nice in Unity.

My list of things I want to do with my free time is quite massive, see below:

  • publish game to App stores
  • Create a shader package for Unity Asset store
  • make a full game in Unreal
  • Finish my 3D Apartment scene
    • add as a Unity asset pack
  • Create a 3D character rig demo portfolio piece

Anyways here are some of the renders I was talking about, it’s using the same old character from 2011 (wow so long ago now!) but with all the new skills I’ve learnt about lighting I think it looks great. Especially considering these are real time render captures. You can ¬†also see the other 2 renders on my portfolio/projects page as well as on my art station! They were rendered in Unreal and Unity.