Escape Room game

Learning to be Unreal

So now that I have some time up my sleeve I have started playing around in Unreal Engine 4  and loving it!  In particular enjoying programming in C++ again, as much as I like C# I just enjoy C++ more. It is a little tough starting out in Unreal C++ programming because I don’t know all of the Unreal libraries, macros and functions so I have to get used to that and navigating their online documentation. But I am getting there! Another thing I love is the out of the box high quality lighting and shading, admittedly it has a lot of post effects on by default which helps. Unlike Unity where you have to download a unity package to have the same/similar standard lighting. Also the ability to quickly prototype in the visual scripting tools like Blueprints and the material editer is super handy. Adjusting to the terminology is something that takes a little time too, just small things like “levels” instead of “scenes” and stuff like that. In any case I feel like going back to into C++ will help me grow as a programmer. So when I am thrust into battle I’ll have a machine gun (C#) in one hand and a Battleaxe (C++) in the other.

Oh and on a side note I am currently preparing for an interview with Naughty Dog……… let that sink in.

Yep I said Naughty Dog, the makers of my favourite Uncharted series and The Last Of Us. To add to that it wasn’t for a  “Zombie Mo Cap Extra” job (which would also be super cool) it’s for a Gameplay Programmer job! So that’s pretty cool!

Anyways here’s a little screen cap of an “Escape room” prototype I am working on to get used to the Unreal Engine. I’m just using the assets from Unreal starter content, yes I know it’s not very exciting yet but you gotta start somewhere.