More 2D Games work

I have been working hard on some 2D games as a little side project and here are some images of the prototypes I have running at the moment. They are just using very basic images that (mostly just coloured squares) to represent the player, enemies, items and such.

I decided to make this games to get comfortable with programming and game development of 2D games but also to understand the process and difficulty of making these endless and addictive mobile games. Also testing on my Iphone and thinking of the best way to implement controls with a touch screen is very different than designing for PC.

Here are the 3 different game prototypes

Space invaders style shooter
In this game the player is represented as the grey square, the bullets as the small white rectangle and the enemies are the brown and purple squares. The two colour enemies represent different enemies with different characteristics like the amount of health or whether they fire bullets also.


Flappy Bird Style Game

In this game the “bird” is represented by the weird robot/TV thing. Just something I whipped together quickly in Photoshop, will definitely be changing that however I kind of like the robot theme to it!


Collect game
In this game the player is again indicated by the gray square, the enemies are the brown squares and the collectable items are the purple squares. The way the game works is that items will spawn anywhere randomly on the map. The player must collect these to increase their score. It’s a simple point and click or tap to move the player to a certain position. The items will disappear if you don’t pick them up within a certain amount of time. The enemies spawn randomly and move throughout the map (at the moment in a straight line). If you collide with an enemy you die and its game over. So you need to dodge the enemies and pick up the items to get a high score.




I also plan to add an “Endless runner” game and a Mario style platformer game.

The plan is to have a few short, simple but finished games that I can put on an app store and show people what I can make. It will give my work portfolio a big boost but also force me to learn new skills in Unity particularly in 2D.