More scripting…..oh and a Time machine!

I have been working a lot with converting my old scripts to use Raytracing instead of box collider triggers. Now I have interactions with game objects such as doors, notes, chests, levers and keys all working through raytracing. This means that you can interact with the objects when you “aim” at them and press a button. I also spent some time getting used to creating and calling my animations in Mecanim within Unity itself. Oh and I fixed up the scale issues I had when exporting models.



Next I worked on this remarkable piece of geometry you see above. While this untextured object may not look like much right now it is going to be a time machine! I have created one for my game portfolio so that I can show off my 3D models from different eras like the dinosaur age, the medieval, modern day objects and so on. I think the best way to do that is with a cool looking time machine besides mastering time travel is on my bucketlist!

I took inspiration from the design of a Stargate from the TV series. This triangular gateway will make a portal and once you walk through it you will come out the other side in either the future of the past. It will have a control panel to let you select.  This means no matter what kind of new project I work in Unity I can still show off the models without looking out of place.