Playing with the Corgi Engine

Working on a new game with some of my artistically talented friends and we wanted to do a 2D platformer which a solid movement system. I did the original movement system myself using Unity’s built-in 2D physics engine but it just didn’t feel right. Since I’m the only programmer in the group I figured it’d be easiest to look at ready-made solutions. So I came across the Cordi engine! We wanted controls to handle similarly to Ori and the Blind Forest (an amazing game) and this was just the thing we were after! One feature we really wanted is one-way platforms so that the player could jump from underneath them and land on top.  This feature is super easy to set up in the Corgi engine!


Anyways here is a screenshot of me testing it out as a cute square man in a scene made up of early concept art. You’re welcome!

Corgi Engine 2D platform game