2D Platformer Prototype

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Year of Project: 2018 Overview I wanted to create a custom 2D platformer controller with snappy controls, similar to modern 2D platformers like Ori and the Blind Forest. I started off with just the player controller using a raycasting system and 2D colliders for collision detection. I eventually added in moving platforms, collectible items, and other features to implement more gameplay …

Tanks Prototype

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Year of Project: 2019 Overview I wanted to create a multiplayer battle game to learn Unity’s uNet networking system (which is now actually deprecated). So I decided to go with a tanks battle game as I knew I could use Unity’s Tanks assets for the prototype. Initially, I created a single player mode first which allowed me to focus on the …

Code red VR

Code Red VR

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Overview This is a VR game I made for Code Red Marketing. I was tasked with creating a VR experience for the Oculus Rift that “gamified” what they do for their clients. The idea I came up with was that as the player you are armed with two “guns” that fire advertising campaigns at potential customers. The trick was to …

Throw Birds Prototype

Throwy Birds Prototype

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Overview This is a simple platform 2D Game inspired by the mobile hit game Angry Birds. I wanted to see how difficult it was to make a simple 2D Physics based game like Angry Birds. Target Platform: Mobile, Web, PC Content: I created all the C# code and logic myself. I sourced all the art assets online I do not take credit …

Alien Runner

Alien Endless Runner Game

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Year of Project: 2015 Overview This is a simple endless runner game I made to practice and improve my skills Unity 2D game development. It’s more of a prototype then a full finished game but I might someday add to it and polish it off, possibly put it on an appstore. I created all the Pixel art myself which I …

Global Game Jam 2016

The Cauldron (Game Jam 2016)

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Year of Project: 2016 Global Game Jam Overview During the 2016 Global Game Jam (Melbourne) I teamed up with two other programmers to make a Mobile VR Game. One of the team members had a Google cardboard so we wanted to use that. This was done during the 48 hour Jam with only a few minor changes done after to get it …