Code red VR

Code Red VR

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Overview This is a VR game I made for Code Red Marketing. I was tasked with creating a VR experience for the Oculus Rift that “gamified” what they do for their clients. The idea I came up with was that as the player you are armed with two “guns” that fire advertising campaigns at potential customers. The trick was to …

Throw Birds Prototype

Throwy Birds

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Overview This is a simple platform 2D Game inspired by the mobile hit game Angry Birds. I wanted to see how difficult it is to make that style of game. Target Platform: Mobile, Web, PC Content: I created all the C# code and logic and sourced the free 2D art assets online. Aim: Fling birds and hit/destroy pigs Controls: Touch & Drag/ …

Hair highlight Shader game

Hair Highlight Shader

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Year of Project: 2017 Overview These are realtime renders (withing Unity) showing a Hair Highlight shader I created for our 3D characters at work. I looked at a number of other pre-made hair shaders for inspiration, most of which follow the Anisotropic lighting model. A lot of them had weird lighting and shadow artifacts or suffered from Z-fighting issues. I …

Ragnar render game 3

The Ragnar Model

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Year of Project: 2012 Overview While studying at Monash I made this model for a group animation project called “The Hammer Of Ragnar”. This is the same model shown in my “Ragnar Rig” page, I was the lead character artist and animator. I started with sketched concepts then modelled it all in Maya and hand painted the textures in Photoshop. …