Update on Modern Apartment

So after modeling and remodelling a few different apartments I have decided to go with this one. Although I will likely go back and do the other layouts as well after this one is all finished because the more the better! I got the inspiration for this one from a pin I saw in Pinterest, having a big “feature window” seemed really cool especially if the apartment is in a cool environment like on the edge of a cliff with a view!

Along the way I learnt a fun fact that stairs are typically built at an angle between 30 – 37 degrees! That little gem I learnt from Google but some others I┬álearnt, like the height of doorways and furniture, simply from walking around my apartment with a tape measure.

Anyways here is a photo of how its coming along. I think it’s a pretty good base then I just got to refine a few things, UV map and then make modern furniture to match.