Jump game screenshot

Updating my Github… And made a new game!

So lately I have been working hard on improving my presence and collection of projects on GitHub. So I have cleaned up a few of my small Unity projects and put them on there for the world to see. In doing this I also created a new basic 2D platform game! Admittedly I originally made it following a tutorial however since then I have gone through and rewritten most of it as (in my opinion) it was coded in a very sloppy way. So I improved it a lot, changed a number of things and added in comments. I also changed some of the gameplay mechanics to something I thought was more fun. I think it was good to follow along with the tutorial because it made me see that not everyone programs in the same or necessarily the “correct” way. It’s helped me think about the way I code my games and my design process. Anyways I thought it was interesting.

In future, I plan to put bigger, more complicated projects on Github to not only improve my portfolio but to improve my familiarity with Github itself. I’d really like to get familiar¬†with the Git command prompt. I feel like using Source tree (like I do) is cheating for a programmer. I with Above and below you can see some screen captures from the 2D game I made. Note that the artwork used here was a free asset and not my own. I will most likely replace it with my own when I have time to make some!

Super awesome screenshots!